At Global Connect, we are proud of our proven track record and outstanding professional service. But rather than singing our own praises, we would rather let our clients do it for us. Here is what some of our recent clients have had to say about their experience with us.

It was a pleasure to work with Sylvia on the application of my fiancée’s visa. Throughout the whole process Sylvia has been very professional in providing support and expert advice on what needs to be done. She was very timely in her responses attention to detail was excellent. This translated to a very speedy application approval with no fuss. I would highly recommend Sylvia’s professional services to anyone else.

Martin Hsu

My husband and I engaged Sylvia to help process his partner visa. Working with her was very reassuring as she has a very calm demeanour.

Sylvia was very responsive, thorough and methodical which meant that we felt we were in very safe hands.

Stella Drivas & Marios Koulouris

Sylvia at Global Connect has been sensational throughout the entire visa application process. She not only answered all of our questions thoroughly and clearly but also did so quickly, making sure that all of our concerns were put at ease. The service that she provided was professional and efficient and my partner and I are very happy to have had my visa successfully processed. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a reliable, helpful and knowledgeable migration agent.

Marianne Pennings & Chris Wilson

My visa application was dealt with professionalism, good organisation and would recommend their services.

Shane Lightley

At GCCS I had all my expectations met. Since the beginning their professionalism and expertise came through naturally at each and every contact. Nevertheless at GCCS I had plenty of quality service all the way through, and for a fair price. Their ability to accurately advise on timing for building and lodgment of the whole visa process was impressive and certainly one of the main reasons why I’d recommend their services to everyone. Lastly, I’d like to thank Sylvia Chan for the seamless work you did and for the much earlier than expected granting of our PR.

Gabriel & Kasia

Fast, efficient and clear. That’s all you need and Sylvia Chan provides that. This has been the only official task I have completed in Australia that has run smoothly and quickly. Very pleased.

Phillip Evans

The first contact I had with Global Connect Consulting Services was back in July 2009. At this stage I was still in Denmark and was planning my secondment via work to Australia.

“Dear Birgitte,
I am the Principal Consultant of Global Connect Consulting Services. We provide immigration services to AstraZeneca in Australia. I will be assisting you to obtain the appropriate visa to come to Australia for your assignment.”

A simple statement in a complex matter, that just made me relax a bit more, making me able to concentrate on all the other factors involved when you decide to move to the other side of the world.

What I have really appreciated is having only dealt with one person, someone who knows your history and the situation that you are in. Being in Denmark and applying for a 457 visa was not something I could have easily done on my own, so the assistance I got was priceless. We were sent a ‘to do’ list, which was easy to tick off and then everything was done for us.

Three times during the last two years we have decided to extend our visa and every time we have been so grateful for the assistance that Global Connect Consulting Services has given us.

Even when I got pregnant in the middle of our application process, Sylvia kept her cool and guided us through the possibilities. Thank you so much for making our stay in Australia so carefree.

Birgitte Vikne, Product Specialist

GCCS provided excellent service in helping me and my family with our visas. Even though there was an eight-hour time zone difference, our consultant from GCCS always responded very quickly. They also proved invaluable in simplifying the complex visa application process.

Josefin Bond

I found the professionalism and efficiency of Sylvia to be both reassuring and supportive during the stresses involved with relocating a family with tight deadlines.

Sharon Riddell

A very professional and organised service with excellent attention to detail ensuring a speedy and positive visa application process.

Steve Alexander

Making such a big move I had all sorts of things to sort out in the UK – it made my life a lot easier having Sylvia sort out the visa side of things for me!

Amanda Costello

Excellent support through the process. Knowledgeable and professional advice given at each stage. Speed of response was very much appreciated.

Graeme Evans

We have used Global Connect Consulting Services to help us obtain a Business Long Stay visa and have nothing but positive things to say about the company. Sylvia Chan is extremely efficient, professional and friendly. She is very quick to provide answers to all the variety of questions regarding migration advice and is obviously very skilled and knowledgeable. We can highly recommend this firm to anyone interested in migrating to Australia.

Dr Nigel C. Swift BVetMed MRCVS
Dr Karen L Johnston BA VMD MRCVS PhD

I was very impressed with your knowledge of the process and the speed with which you were able to achieve a positive result. If procedures are not followed precisely these applications can be a nightmare and I was very pleased to be able to rely on you to know what had to be prepared and, just as important, where to place the emphasis in my submissions to ensure my application was effectively drafted.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to other business people and companies who wish to have their applications prepared and presented. Your fees are moderate and well worth the money. This is too important a task to take chances with.

Denis McQuade, Director

I was very happy with the service provided by GCCS. A big thank you to Sylvia Chan. Very helpful and very friendly service. Always kept informed of what was happening.

Colin Bromley

I would like to express the greatest appreciation and respect for GCCS and my consultant Sylvia Chan. Sylvia handled my Business Long Stay visa application in the most professional way, ensuring that all requirements were met and the paperwork proceeded meticulously. Due to her efficient work and her friendly and helpful manner I did not have to fight my way through endless paperwork and bureaucracy. Sylvia is a very knowledgeable agent who will not only advise professionally, but also ensure that the visa application will proceed smoothly. When we encountered difficulties, Sylvia worked around them and resolved them quickly. I would like to recommend GCCS and Sylvia Chan for any visa applications.

Verena Langsdorf

The overall experience was awesome! Thanks Sylvia.

Bernard Lankes

I would like to express my appreciation to GCCS, and especially to my consultant Ms Sylvia Chan, for the effort and attitude in helping me to deal with the official bureaucracy, without losing precious time I could have spent on my professional track.

GCCS supplied me with vital advice and information the immigration authorities never before discussed with me. All necessary documentation submitted to the authorities was fully prepared by my consultant, who kept me constantly informed about every step and progress via personal meetings, emails and telephone conversations.

Service I received from GCCS exceeded my expectations. I was hindered by months of fruitless attempts to obtain my visa by communicating with the authorities in person. After contacting GCCS my visa was granted in the shortest possible time. I definitely and heartily recommend the services of GCCS for its professionalism, exceptional efficiency and personal approach.

MVDr Martin Havlicek

The consultant was very personable and professional. At all times, our requests were addressed promptly and effectively. On a scale of 1-10, we would rate GCCS an ‘8.5’ for our overall experience in using the services. We would most definitely recommend the services of GCCS to others.

Greg and Mary

The advice given by GCCS was extremely accurate, the process of sponsorship was explained thoroughly and in a way that was easy to understand. Also any areas that may cause delays were explained so that I was prepared for any disappointment should it occur, not that it did.

The document preparation was excellent, and explained fully to me before I signed the papers. I was kept informed of the progress of the application at every stage of its progress at the authorities.

The service provided by Sylvia was courteous and helpful. Anytime I left a telephone message my calls were returned and the answers to my queries were forthcoming. When I was back in the UK e-mails regarding progress of my application were responded to by return. The service was efficient and friendly.

The approval of my visa was well within my expectations, in fact I thought it would take far longer.

Using GCCS to obtain my visa took all the pain out of applying for it myself, having read the information personally it seemed like it would be a long and hard effort to get my visa through. In fact it was totally the opposite; I was very pleased with the outcome.

Kevin Blake

Sylvia was professional, knowledgeable and very sympathetic. She went out of her way to help us and we were very pleased with the manner in which our case was handled and thrilled with the outcome.

Hans and Wendy Humboldt