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Registered Migration Agents | Immigration Visa Specialists

Global Connect deliver immigration solutions to a variety of clients, from individuals, small businesses to corporations and multi-national organisations. We represent individuals as well as corporate clients in a wide variety of industries both in Australia and overseas.

Global Connect are Australian visa experts with a proven track record of success in visa approvals.

Global Connect Consulting Services provide comprehensive immigration visa services for temporary and permanent residence visas like Subclass 457 Temporary Work, Skilled Migration, Partner, Contributory Parent, and Employer Nomination Scheme applications.

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Global Connect Consultants

Experience across many industries

Global Connect have an excellent track record of providing immigration assistance to corporate clients and individuals. Our consultants have extensive experience in assisting corporate clients from many industries including information technology, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, banking, veterinary services, construction and health care.

Experience across many countries

We have assisted clients from countries worldwide including the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, China, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Israel and South Africa.

Expert professional advice

All of our consultants are registered migration agents and members of the Migrations Institute of Australia. The Migration Act and Regulations require registered migration agents to conduct themselves in accordance with the prescribed Code of Conduct administered by the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Registered migration agents are also required to complete an annual course of Continuing Professional Development, to maintain their level of competence in working with the complex and changeable migration legislation.  This ensures we are skilled in handling the complex legislative and compliance issues associated with immigration. We keep abreast of the latest immigration policy developments, so we can update our advice to you accordingly.


We recognise the importance of privacy protection. All communications between Global Connect and our clients are maintained in strict confidence. Our high standard of professionalism has allowed us to develop strong, trusted relationships with our clients.

Tailored Service

Global Connect are committed to achieving the best possible visa outcome for our clients. We offer immigration and visa solutions that are tailored to your needs.


Global Connect use our expertise to anticipate, manage and resolve immigration issues in a timely (and therefore cost-effective) manner. We do everything we can to meet your time constraints.


GCCS can represent you in submission to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship in Australia and throughout the world.

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